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Blueberry Butterfly Tea


  We’re super excited to announce we’ve added a new tea to the family: It’s blue, beautiful, changes colors, AND it sparkles! Here’s all you need to know about our NEW butterfly pea magical tea goodness


The tea contains butterfly pea flowers are originally from Southeast Asia. 

In fact, it’s considered a holy plant in India and has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The color is so strong and beautiful that it is often used as food coloring. :)

This beautiful blend is made using freshly dried butterfly pea flower, which is farmed at a premium herb farm in Thailand. It also contains blueberry and apple pieces to add more antioxidants and sweet fruity notes to your tea.

Our tea is caffeine-free and a natural beauty enhancer and wellness supporter. It contains flavonoids, which stimulate collagen production + antioxidant support. Butterfly pea tea also contains anthocyanin which support cardiovascular health.

Something really fun about this tea:


When it changes PH levels it changes colors! How cool is that?

With the addition of lemon or lime juice it turns purple and if paired with a base of Hibiscus flower or honey it turns into a lovely pink shade (more on this later).

With how pretty and healthy this natural elixir is, it’s no wonder it is extremely popular in Thailand and Vietnam where it’s usually served post-dinner sometimes, paired with lemon and honey to taste. Yum!

Our tea includes edible glitter. ✨✨✨  And guess what? No sweat! It’s vegan, tasteless, dissolves easily AND it makes your cup of tea look straight out of Alice in Wonderland. 💘 


We’re so proud to say we are the FIRST butterfly pea flower tea in 100% sustainable tea bags and the only tea brand with glitter inside. 

Eeek! We’re sure you will love this as much as we do. 

Here are a couple of recipes in case you’re feeling a little extra. 


Color Changing Iced Butterfly Tea:

3/4 cup hot water + tea

Steep for 5 minutes

Shake with ice

Top with lemon or lemonade


Blueberry Muffin Latte:

½ hot water

Steep tea bag for 5 minutes

Add ½ cup milk

Add sweetener of choice 


 Comment if you have tried it yet!

Have a magical day!

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