What makes us different?

Did you know tea is most known for healing? Sure, the taste and the habit of drinking tea is popular too, but the herbs are all like superheroes for the body, each with special powers and magic. When we mix the heroes together, each with its own unique set of benefits, carefully measured to really heal your body, they make such an impact in marvelous ways. 

But, each herb has to be healthy and pure. It needs to be so freshly planted, picked and dried. It is similar to vegetables and fruits- the fresher the better.

Tea leaves of all kinds grow in the ground, and are just as important and sometimes more than fruits and vegetables. But, the herbal super heroes need even more careful gardening then vegetables do. Herbs and flowers sourced for tea must be grown in very particular climates, and grown and picked in the perfect timing. 

Therefore, tea being the second most consumed beverage after water in the world, it cannot possibly be made with fresh and pure leaves all the time- sadly, real leaf beneficial tea is more rare than you imagine. tea bags are often filled with 'tea dust' which is the shreds of what remains from the looser leaf teas, that were crushed. Then, they will spray the tea bags or tea dust with sprays to make it taste more like lavender, or rose, or chocolate.

If you have any tea bags that aren't made by us, (Ultraviolet) open one up some time. Cut your tea bag open, and observe what you see- If you do not see tea leaves and flowers of all sorts, it is probably tea dust. And if it still tastes like lavender, but you don't even see it, are you actually drinking something that will digest in your body and heal you the way the herb is suppose to? 

If you open one of our tea bags,

You will see every herb and flower, and they are full, fresh, vibrant, and beautiful. Because of this, they are full of healing magic for your body and overall well being.

In the tea bag industry, it is even worse. Most tea bags are made of plastic and billions of microplastics get into your cup of tea because the hot water is melting your plastic made tea bag. 

Ultraviolet tea bags are plastic free, biodegradable, and made from plant fibers! 

Our mission will always be to make a difference and as a small business owner, I knew the only way I could be set apart from competitors in a crowded space was by making something no-one had seen before.

We may be expensive, but we promise to never sacrifice on quality in each ingredient that goes into every blend. We carefully source every ingredient separately, and blend the ingredients in house. They are all made fresh and hand sealed and packed! They are the best teas and they even taste amazing and feel amazing too. I am so excited if you try them!

How will I feel?

The effects felt will be different in each blend and individual. Look at each blend and what we specify that blend is known to help. You can also look into each ingredient and see which sound most beneficial for your needs too.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! Check out our International Shipping page to learn more about shipping outside of the USA.

How fast will I receive my order?

It typically takes up to 1-2 business days to process your order. Afterwards, your product will ship out and arrive with 3-5 business days. Our goal is to always get you your teas ASAP!  Internaitional orders can take a 3-4 weeks, depending on which country you're in.

How can I make a return/exchange?

Not happy with your order? Let us know- we accept all returns for full refunds as long as items have NOT been opened. 

Need more help?

Contact: hello@getultraviolet.com for questions about your order!