Ginger Tea (Pear) Detox

Ginger Pear Tea Detox

Ginger Pear Tea Appreciation Post

When I first joined the Ultraviolet team, CEO extraordinaire Emily sent me a “Welcome to the Team” package. The package included all of the blends so I could be more familiar with the products. Of course, I loved them all, but I immediately fell in love with Ginger Pear. It has been my favorite ever since.  Love at first sip! 

Even though Ginger is widely known as the “herbalists’ best friend,” and it’s literally quoted in the Koran as a key ingredient in a spiritual drink, finding ginger tea that tastes well is way harder than it seems. Trust me, I would know. I’ve tried every brand under the sun and even boiled the raw root myself. Unfortunately, ginger has a very peculiar and robust flavor, so in most blends, the taste ends up being “barely there” or so intense it feels like straight-up medicine. I had given up on my hunt for good ginger tea bags when Ultraviolet’s Ginger Pear fell into my lap or my mailbox if we’re more accurate.

 Adding ginger to my diet was always very important to me since its healing properties are unmatched. If Ginger tea was an Avenger, it would be Captain Marvel. I said what I said. Just look at the benefits:

  • Ginger has proven to fight germs
  • keeps your mouth and gums healthy
  • calms nausea
  • it helps soothing sore muscles
  • it has anti-inflammatory properties (if you struggle with bloating, look no further!)
  • It eases period pains
  • It  lowers blood sugar,
  • And it lowers cholesterol 

Also,  If you’re into the more woo-woo side of things, or Aryuveda ginger is crucial. It’s great if you’re yang deficient. I am, and it helps me feel more balanced! Comment down below if you’re interested in the Chinese Medicine concept of Ying and Yang and what teas are best to supplement their deficiency; I would love to write about that.

And yes, if you’ve read this far, this is 100% a love letter to my favorite Ultraviolet tea, and I think you should add a pack to your next order and every single one that comes after.


Gaby at Ultraviolet

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