Baby Peach: What you need to know!

Baby Peach: What you need to know!

Due to popular demand, Baby Peach Tea is finally here! We’re so excited! 

As I’m sure you know, Justin Bieber gets his peaches up in Georgia, but Peach is a fruit that was originally grown in China! The United States also produces the fruit within New Jersey, South Carolina, and of course, Georgia.

Here’s all you need to know about your new fave Tea, Baby Peach: 

At Ultraviolet, we make our delicious Baby Peach with: White Mutan Tea, Apple Pieces, Hibiscus Petals, Rose Hips, Orange Pieces, Peach Pieces, Peach Extract,  Orange Extract, and Tangerine Extract.

All of these yummy all-natural ingredients pack a single cup with many benefits! For example, this blend has a lot of vitamin C (especially great during flu season!); it may help reduce the risk of cancer and promote collagen, improving the appearance of the skin. Peach also helps with iron supplementation and contains vitamin A which helps keep your skin and eyes healthy while also reducing inflammation while promoting a healthy gut lining.

About the Taste:

Spicy, sweet, creamy, and fruity. Perfect as dessert tea!


Just like our Pina Colada Tea, this blend is especially yummy iced. 

Honey Peach Cooler Recipe:

What you need:

1 Baby Peach Tea Bag

1 Cup Hot Water

Crushed ice

5 oz of Cold Milk


2 tsp of honey for garnish


1. Steep Tea Bag in 180F water for 5 minutes.

2. Put tea in Refrigerator, or shake with ice to get it cooler faster.

3. Add in Milk of choice (Froth for creamier drink)

4. Pour in crushed ice

5. Add Sweetner (We add honey!)

6. Sip and Enjoy your refreshing and easy cooler! 

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