Meet the Founder! - Emily Painter

Meet the Founder!

Behind the Tea Magic: 

Meet CEO Emily Painter.

Emily, the tea fairy and CEO extraordinaire, describes herself as stubborn, hardworking, passionate, and resilient (I, as part of the fairy tea-squad, can attest to that.) She tells me this over cups of Ultraviolet’s Blueberry Butterfly, Emily’s favorite blend (besides Ginger Pear).

Even though she’s only 23, this is Emily’s second successful entrepreneurship. She previously had a cosmetic line. “I started out very passionate because it fulfilled me creatively, but it became about money very quickly, and that was not the kind of business I wanted to run. I didn’t feel like I was going to make a difference in the world selling lipstick.” Emily started working with teas because it “feels creative and genuine, drinking tea is part of my daily self-care routine, and as a business, it has a ton of options and room to grow.” “My sister struggles with mental health, and I wanted to find a way to help her and others struggling with alternative/holistic medicine... I wanted a product that simply wasn’t in the market! so I figured out a way to make it myself; that’s how Ultraviolet was born.”

Emily is also very passionate about sustainability, and with every upgrade Ultraviolet gets, it becomes more and more sustainable. (Currently, our tea is vegan and sustainable. The bags are made out of plant fiber and are completely biodegradable. The iconic fairy logo sticker is made out of recycled paper.)

Emily finds inspiration in store-bought and specialty tea brands and asks herself, “how would I make this more magical?.” Ultraviolet is the best of both worlds; it’s getting the convenience from tea bags with the quality and flavor of loose-leaf tea. “Ultraviolet is for the person that doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of the tea for convenience. It’s for people who prioritize wellness, investing in themselves, and genuine self-care.”

The hardest part of running the business is inventory and customer service. For Emily, it’s a priority to have the blends be as fresh as possible and for every interaction, customers have with the brand to be positive. “Inventory is interesting because when we dropped the Blueberry Butterfly Tea, we got sooo many orders. I was so grateful! But I genuinely didn’t have enough inventory. So, as a result, we were a month behind. I was mortified!” She tells me she ended up delegating customer service to someone else because she wanted to do good for her customers while still putting all of her energy and focus on inventory and growing the brand.

Emily tells me she wanted to create something that had “something for everyone.” If you ask me, she did. Ultraviolet is growing every day, and I can’t wait to see where we go next.

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