My Story


My name is Emily and I am from Virginia and living in Los Angeles, California. I grew up in the countryside and was homeschooled. I felt different than everybody else I knew, and found social media as an outlet to express myself and to learn about creativity and what I was passionate about. I moved to California when I turned 18 and have been able to express myself and learn more about the world and the people in an environment where its okay to be who you are to the fullest!

In 2019, I launched Ultraviolet as a tiny little tea brand with two blends, Strawberry Lavender Rose and Vanilla Chai. I didn't know what I was doing or where it would take me. I put my heart and mind into creating the blends extra special and the best quality, but I still wasn't satisfied with it overall.

In 2020, I had a long time to pause and reflect on what I wanted for Ultraviolet and what I wanted the brand to stand for. Instead of just quality tea blends, I believed we could do more and be more. I rebranded the packaging fully to be artsy and fantasy like, because that is what makes me happy and I wanted to incorporate more of myself into my brand. I have been obsessed with fairies since I was a little girl and it was so exciting to create our little Ultraviolet Fairy, which you will see all over our packaging.:) 

I designed Ultraviolet to be a place where you can get products that benefit your mind, body, and soul. You deserve to take care of your beautiful, important, and unique selves. You're worth investing into yourself, because your dreams will all come true if you have the courage to believe in them! I am so delighted to have you here, and thank you so much for supporting me in my dreams!!!


Emily 🌷