5 Reasons Why Tea Is the Best Stocking Stuffer You Can Get This Christmas

5 Reasons Why Tea Is the Best Stocking Stuffer You Can Get This Christmas

Once again, Christmas is upon us!

That beautiful yet stressful time of the year where we don’t know what to give our new friends, our mom, your secret santa partner who you’ve had a total of 2 conversations with or your work wife. So many gifts, so little time! I’m all for going all out on presents, but spending over $25 on everyone on your list is bonkers.

Our premium teas are a cute outside the box alternative.


Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. They will fit in perfectly in a stocking and will look ADORABLE wrapped
  2. They’re the perfect “extra” if you feel that whatever you’re getting your friend is too small of a gift. (Pro tip: maybe get them a cute holiday mug to sip their tea in as an extra!)
  3. They’re very insta worthy, especially Blueberry Butterfly Pea! It’s blue and it glitters. C’mmon!  
  4. If you get a holiday-y flavor like Peppermint or Pumpkin Spice you can make the joy of the holiday season last a little longer.
  5. They’re so easy to share! Tea lattes and Hallmark movie marathons, anyone?

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order and be your bestie’s best secret santa to date! P.S. If you’re too lazy and/or busy to wrap we totally get it.

The christmas fairies at the Ultraviolet HQ will wrap your teas with premium gift wrap for you for an extra $5.00!!

Happy holidays!


Gaby Mendez


The Ultraviolet Fairies

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Thanks again for your time and your articles creating this tea 🍵 for us the people. We the people appreciate it very well done.

Tiakeya K'green

I really appreciate you helping us with you tea 🍵 it’s been so long since we have been waiting for some thing like this I appreciate your articles thanks again.


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